Madonna meeting the BABY Jesus to have a child

Even though 51-year-old Vadge has the uterus of a dead zombie, she’s reportedly trying to make a baby with her 22-year-old paid piece Jesus. If Vadge is successful, this will be the biggest miracle since the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in a petting zoo. This is the immaculate conception on roids.

One of Vadge’s close friends say that Baby Jesus told her that he’s always want to have a child of his very own. You know, so he’ll have someone to play trucks with him in the playroom, and someone he can put the blame on when he poops in the tub during bath time. The friend went on to say that Vadge is going to try to make Baby Jesus’ wish come true, “Em says motherhood is her greatest achievement and the most fulfilling thing in her life. She knows that, at 51, it’s going to be harder to conceive naturally. But she is Olympic-athlete fit and is ready for the challenge.”

The only way Vadge can give birth without overdosing on IVF is if Michelle Duggar leased out her uterus of steel to her and KFed dropped a gallon of his sperm fishies into her vagina. And even then, there’s a good chance Vadge’s roidy cooch would eat the baby before it even came out.

Vadge should just stick to dating babies.


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