Oprah Winfrey about kuwaiti people

I was a big fan before Opera said her unfair comments about Kuwaiti People. I joined here just to write couple of lines and I hope that Opera reads them .

I would guess your comment about Kuwaiti makes you Kuwaiti as well.

Opera did you build your own house? Are you cleaning your own house? Do you cook your own food? You don’t have children but if you do, do you have so called Nany to look after your children? Do you have bodyguard to protect you?

What is your answer s for the above questions??? I would guess you are paying some people to do these tasks for you …..Why because you have the MONEY…. And by the why you are living juts Like Paris Hilton As well.

Yes, our brothers from Egypt India Indonesia Philippine and Americans are helping us they have respectful jobs and they get paid ….just like you Kuwaiti Opera …..Also Americans are using Mexicans for low paid Jobs Like cleaning the Streets.

Your comment under estimate Kuwaitis..We have scientists, authors, thinkers, engineers, doctors, teachers…Ect if you take percentage wise Kuwait is more Educated than United sate of a America.

Don’t get me wrong I love America and Americans but This just for Opera to read and re consider.

Proud to be Kuwaiti


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