Resource Furniture: Italian-Designed Space Saving Furniture

Resource Furniture is the United States dealer for CLEI and Sellex’s La Literal series of beds and sells and services the finest quality transformable furniture, wall beds, modern wall beds, modern ‘murphy’ style beds, modern space saving beds and modern space saving furniture; manufactured by Clei in Italy and Sellex in Spain. We sell the Atoll, Atoll 000, Atoll 202, Ito, Nuovoliola, Ulisse, Ulisse with sofa, Ulisse with Desk, Adam, Adam with sofa, Adam with Desk, LGM, LGS, Mariani, i4Mariani, Doc, Doc XL, Cabrio, Poppi, Poppi 90, Poppi 120, Poppi Ponte, Poppi SD, Lollipop, Telemaco, Telemaco 120, Vintage Pace Collection and the La Literal series of bunk beds and wall beds.


CLICK HERE and find out Resource Furniture



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