Molton Brown Releases “Londinium” Fragrance

In celebration of all things London, Molton Brown have just released their brand new fine fragrance “Londinium”. This limited edition release continues the brand’s unisex “Navigations Through Scent” collection and from a tried-and-tested point of view – we highly recommend the latest addition. Described as a capital blend, its spicy notes but delicate nature makes for a perfect balance and therefore a great option for any day-to-night transitions – certainly something most Londoners would be suited to.
For those who care – top notes of wild juniper and bergamot set the refreshing side of Londinium, whilst oakmoss and myrrh hold the base down low. Though this is a unisex fragrance, the malt and woody aromas really take charge and it’s actually a pretty masculine fragrance – so it’s something we can definitely get on board with. Its masculinity in our opinion may discourage certain significant others who might consider stealing it on the basis that it’s unisex. Plus at 35KD we can bet that a couple of you [some of us included] might feel obliged to count every spray.
For further information and to buy online please visit –

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