LACOSTE footwear Tribute Collection, 1927

The tribute collection that started last Winter continues for SS12 with a range of shoes that take us back to the sporting era of 1927 and René Lacoste’s high flying career. The four styles [pictured left and below] all feature seven stars on the tongue tabs in reference to René’s grand slam victories. With a love for hi-tops, our favourites certainly have to be the white Byront mid’s – sophisticated and understated but with a slick profile – much like the sport itself.
With the tournaments on at the moment, everyone is very much in Wimbledon fever. Whether it’s for centre court or Pimm’s on the hillside, everyone’s jumping on the wagon this year. At least you can take a piece of the Tribute Collection away now as the SS12 range is conveniently available online at We’re also loving the images of shoes – some great photography here that really does the footwear justice. Perhaps even René himself would be rather proud – if he could take his eyes of the likes of Sharapova of course.
For further information and to buy online please visit –

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