Plus One and Draw A Smile feed Kuwait’s less fortunate

PLUS ONE and DRAW A SMILE are hard at work ensuring that everyone in Kuwait has a chance to eat a delicious and healthy meal. They have been providing meals to impoverished neighborhoods and low paid workers all across the country. Dari of Hashtag Burgers started PLUS ONE where you the customer need add just 1 KD to your order to buy a meal for someone in need. BiBi a school teacher started DRAW A SMILE which travels to areas of need and provides everything from hot meals to hygiene products. Amr of Solo Pizza Napulitana, Noor of Scrumptious, Hussien of Meals on Wheels, Yousef Bibi’s son, Rakan from Chocolateness and others have joined the initiative to ensure that those who normally can’t enjoy what many of us take for granted like a good meal and the mundane comforts in life get the joy pf doing just that.


The Mp3 Experiment Nine

For our latest mission, over 4,000 people participated in an epic water gun battle as part of our ninth annual Mp3 Experiment event. Participants downloaded an MP3 file and pressed play simultaneously on Governors Island in New York City. The MP3 file contained a series of ridiculous Olympic-themed instructions from narrator “Steve The Omnipotent Voice from Above” that culminated in a massive water gun fight.

The Red Skyy Competition 2010 – 1st Dario Doimo

For all those saying ‘I just want my drinks’ – this is flair competition. There is a difference between exhibition flairing like this and working flair in a bar. A good bartender will be able to do amazing tricks like this and cut down time on serving, they wont leave people waiting ages while they’re flipping tins and bottles! This takes a lot of practice and effort, people should respect! 🙂