Plus One and Draw A Smile feed Kuwait’s less fortunate

PLUS ONE and DRAW A SMILE are hard at work ensuring that everyone in Kuwait has a chance to eat a delicious and healthy meal. They have been providing meals to impoverished neighborhoods and low paid workers all across the country. Dari of Hashtag Burgers started PLUS ONE where you the customer need add just 1 KD to your order to buy a meal for someone in need. BiBi a school teacher started DRAW A SMILE which travels to areas of need and provides everything from hot meals to hygiene products. Amr of Solo Pizza Napulitana, Noor of Scrumptious, Hussien of Meals on Wheels, Yousef Bibi’s son, Rakan from Chocolateness and others have joined the initiative to ensure that those who normally can’t enjoy what many of us take for granted like a good meal and the mundane comforts in life get the joy pf doing just that.


What Causes A Hangover?

We’ve all been there before – a seemingly innocent night with some friends, ending in a morning from Hell. Why must it be like this? Find out what causes the notorious hangover, and share the truth with the world!

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

The electric car with a 500-mile range

Going the distance: The QBEAK electric car which promises to go 500 miles before the battery needs recharging

Green, they may be. But electric cars have struggled to overcome one of the main shortfalls that put buyers off – an inferior range to their petrol-powered rivals. That may be about to change after a new electric car was unveiled that promises to go 500 miles (800km) before the battery needs recharging. This would be far more than one of the current leaders in the field, the battery/ gasoline Chevrolet Volt, which can do around 375 miles (600km) on one charge-up. The Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECc), created by three Danish companies, uses bio-methanol to bolster its battery life. Mogens Lokke, CEO of ECOmove, designers of the innovative ‘QBEAK’ car said bio-methanol was far better than diesel or gasoline because it produces substantially less carbon dioxide.” w/ photos

Rip Cord – Rip The Strip

Rip Cord is a simple improvement upon the classic roll of packaging tape. This tape has a small string running down the center of the tape. The user pulls the string to separate the tape in half. This makes opening boxes a cinch, as there is no longer a need for scissors, knives, or keys. The packaging tape dispenser has a sharp edge with which to cut the tape, this edge is shaped such that the tape is cut to provide a tab at the center. This tape makes it easy for users to locate and lift the string.”

LACOSTE footwear Tribute Collection, 1927

The tribute collection that started last Winter continues for SS12 with a range of shoes that take us back to the sporting era of 1927 and René Lacoste’s high flying career. The four styles [pictured left and below] all feature seven stars on the tongue tabs in reference to René’s grand slam victories. With a love for hi-tops, our favourites certainly have to be the white Byront mid’s – sophisticated and understated but with a slick profile – much like the sport itself.
With the tournaments on at the moment, everyone is very much in Wimbledon fever. Whether it’s for centre court or Pimm’s on the hillside, everyone’s jumping on the wagon this year. At least you can take a piece of the Tribute Collection away now as the SS12 range is conveniently available online at We’re also loving the images of shoes – some great photography here that really does the footwear justice. Perhaps even René himself would be rather proud – if he could take his eyes of the likes of Sharapova of course.
For further information and to buy online please visit –

الاغنية السياسية ل مشعل العروج – بس ملينا

عمل رائع واﻷحلي الفكره، لخصت الحال كله بأغنيه من خمس دقايق والله المستعان

المفروض الواحد يتفائل و يبعد عن التشاؤم شوي بس الأغنية معبره لأبعد الحدود و عجبتني وايد

الأغنية لخصت حال الكويت كامل بخمس دقايق.. تهقون شكثر يبيلنا وقت علشان نعدل مشكلة مثل هذي؟

العيش و عدة العيش توصل مكاني..! عجيبة EAT Gourmet

تقدم EAT Gourmet فكرة جديدة للموظفين عبر اشتراكات لوجبات المكاتب ” وجبتك في مكتبك “

لديهم 3 انواع من الاشتراكات- أسبوعية أو شهرية :

1- الفطور  (2.650 دك للوجبة –  13.250 دك للأسبوع – 53 دك للشهر)
اختيارك من وجبات الفطور المختلفه الموجوده لدينا + سلة خبر مع المربى والزبدة + عصير برتقال طازج أو مياه معدنيه

2- الساندويشات (2.250 دك للوجبة – 11.500 دك للأسبوع –  45 دك للشهر)
اختيارك من الساندويشات اليومية + طبق حلو + عصير برتقال طازج أو مياه معدنيه

3- الغداء (3.450 دك للوجبة –  17.250 دك للأسبوع –  69 دك للشهر)
اختبارك من الأطباق الرئيسية + سلطة +طبق  حلو + مشروب غازي أو مياه معدنيه

كما يمكن التنويع في نفس الأشتراك ما بين الوجبات المختلفة
كل ما عليك فعله تعبئة نموذج الاشتراك ويتم التوصيل لمكتبك بالوقت والمكان المناسبين لك

 لمزيد من المعلومات ورؤية المنيو يمكنك تصفح الموقع هنا على الانترنت

أو الاتصال

أو زيارة صفحتنا على الفيس بوك

أو متابعتنا على تويتر

شي مرتب ،، و تنويع جميل ،، و وجبات مختلفة و ساخنه

طبعاً الشغل بكبره ماخذه من