The electric car with a 500-mile range

Going the distance: The QBEAK electric car which promises to go 500 miles before the battery needs recharging

Green, they may be. But electric cars have struggled to overcome one of the main shortfalls that put buyers off – an inferior range to their petrol-powered rivals. That may be about to change after a new electric car was unveiled that promises to go 500 miles (800km) before the battery needs recharging. This would be far more than one of the current leaders in the field, the battery/ gasoline Chevrolet Volt, which can do around 375 miles (600km) on one charge-up. The Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECc), created by three Danish companies, uses bio-methanol to bolster its battery life. Mogens Lokke, CEO of ECOmove, designers of the innovative ‘QBEAK’ car said bio-methanol was far better than diesel or gasoline because it produces substantially less carbon dioxide.” w/ photos


Rip Cord – Rip The Strip

Rip Cord is a simple improvement upon the classic roll of packaging tape. This tape has a small string running down the center of the tape. The user pulls the string to separate the tape in half. This makes opening boxes a cinch, as there is no longer a need for scissors, knives, or keys. The packaging tape dispenser has a sharp edge with which to cut the tape, this edge is shaped such that the tape is cut to provide a tab at the center. This tape makes it easy for users to locate and lift the string.”

Ted Baker Suede Desert Boots

Ted Baker

Ted Baker Tullik 3 Desert Boot
Brown Suede
Navy Suede
We love a bit of suede these days and brogues are certainly plentiful in this arena. However the new desert boot from Ted Baker really does take our fancy and with Spring literally on our doorsteps we’re all certainly getting into the shopping mood. The new Tullik 3 boot is a fairly narrow and understated version but with Ted’s typical little features. The subtle spots of colour that can be seen in the stitching and eyelets are fantastic and you can see them more clearly in the two options pictured above.
The contrast sole is also a nice touch and whilst there are many options out there with statement colours, we like the use of a fairly chilled out blue here. The leather lining just adds a bit of class and it pairs well with the outer suede. As you can see from the selection image above, there is a fantastic piece in red and you may have seen the same colour in Ted’s brogues we featured recently. As always with Ted you get superb designer quality at a third of the price – pay day springs to mind . . .
For further information and to shop online please visit: Ted Baker